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Colorado Pictures

Big Fish Lake
Big Fish Lake
Chinese Wall
The Chinese Wall at sunset.
Coal House
Colorado Coal house
The Falls
Water fall on the way to Big Fish.
Firey Sky
Sky at sunset.
Firey Sky 2
Another shot of the sunset.
Firey Sky 3
The sky looks like it IS on fire!
Hines Peak
Hines Peak above Rainbow Lake.
Lunch Break
A sisesta at the top of the world.
The Path
A pleasant path around the lake.
Porch View
The view from our back porch.
Storm Sky
The Chinese Wall during a storm.
Rainbow Lake
This is Rainbow Lake from the Lodge.
The White River
This is the White River, start of the Rio Grande.
World View
A glimpse from the top of the world.
Brandon and his horse on top of the world.
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